Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Example of few Inai Kiara / IMW major ‘mafia’ projects.

1- Merekabentuk dan Membina Benteng Pemecah Ombak serta Kerja-kerja Mendalamkan Muara Sungai Kuala Terengganu Fasa II & Merekabentuk dan Membina Benteng Pemecah Ombak serta Kerja-kerja Mendalamkan Muara Sungai Kuala Terengganu Fasa II & (Pakej I) . (JPS / DID)

a) Mark up the pre survey data and volume. Some i heard till 3m to 4m mark up.
b) Actual progress and submitted progress are way far behind.
c) Extracting sand source from illegal permitted area to shortened the trips of the vessel for sand reclamation.
d) Cheating for the development of the breakwater such as the material layers are not in specification. And you can check the breakwater they made compare to the design that is suppose to be were shortened approximately 20 meter to 25 meter. And also a lot more. Evidence are also can be share here but i think not now. Wait for the day to discuss about it.
e) Also bribe the representative and many others way.

The funny thing i heard that is the staff it self also making money by cheating in their claims. Even the Project Management also not sincere. Making money by mark up the rental or related and etc. If the bosses are stupid then this thing will happen. Most of the bosses trust the people that only know how to talk and an ass kisser also don't know how to do their job. And make an adhoc stupid decision without thinking and investigate what is really happen.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Common Inai Kiara M.O

1. Data during Hydrographic Survey or Land Survey will be
mark-up from the actual volume (m3). Normally this data will be created as to get high volume as normal practice in dredging industry the payment will be based on unit rate (RM/m3) (i:e- actual volume on site is around 3million m3 but they declared up to 6 million m3). And they also have some special tools and method to manipulate the data. And also have a lot of way to to do it. Evidence, method and data are all ready to be discuss here in this humble BLOG.

2. They will also declare the capacity of their equipment
higher than the actual unit. For example. Actual hopper capacity of TSHD (Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger) named Inai Selasih declared by Inai Kiara for 10,700m3 while the actual volume 9,075m3 And i also know that the requirement is local owner vessel. Try to think, how many contractor in this country MALAYSIA have their own vessel? Here also i will reveal/discuss about this. And how they cheated on buying the vessel and by the same time they make money from not declare the right amount of purchasing the vessel with the others related financial (bank etc.).

3. Violation of D.O.E Department of Environment) regulations
and other authorities by doing illegal movement / activity rather than the
allowed one. (i.e- Illegal dumping of dredged material. For example, the
dredged material were supposed to dump 30Nm (55km) to the actual area, but dump only halfway as to minimize movement, fuel consumption and to increase the trips for dredging operation. This will affect the nearby fishing activities and also polluted the surrounding areas. Many things to discuss here.

4. If the dredging design ( depth required to be dredged) are
not sufficient enough, or the vessel (dredger / dredging ship) need to move to another ports / project, they will manipulate the survey data from post dredged survey works (after dredging survey works) to be used as submission or proof to client for verification and payment. At some projects, they will use their money to bribes the technical teams such as client’s survey representative or even up to operational manager or even to the big fishes up there.

The best thing what i’ve heard is that they also manipulate SIGNATURE from Certified or License Surveyor (LS) some sort duplicate or copy it.

6. Even the technical team such as Project Manager or the Engineer are all corrupted. I will discuss about this later. Within their attitude and how their work.

Modus Operandi

Normal Modus Operandi of Inai Kiara / IMW :

To know how their MO, first we should know the procedure of tendering or the flow of dredging projects.

1. Execution of hydrographic Survey (to measured the depth of the
existing water level).

2. Commercial, planning, costing, estimation and selection of method and equipment.

3. Will be decided after obtaining the data and information through survey results.

4. Submission of commercial and technical proposal.

5. Evaluation by client (MOT/MOF/Port Operator).

6. Issuance of Letter of Awards).

7. Execution of Project.

8. Handing Over of Projects.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Something fishy....

Here i will share what i know and have about this company.

Others topic to talk about..... And soon will be reveals bit by bit......

About one of the director in Inai Kiara. Are you been heard that a SECRETARY become a DIRECTOR in the same company? I think something wrong some where here. Something fishy.
This is only a small and one of the topics to discuss here in this humble BLOG. Have you heard a DIRECTOR thats is ZERO background even in certificate or education? Something fishy right?....
Have u heard that is the company run out of money and declare to the staff that the company situation but then the whole family of the bosses to go take a trip to overseas? Even by a new car?

There is a lot more to tell you and also asking your opinions about this matters.

Thats OK, slowly i will reveal bit by bit all the good and bad things about Inai Kiara. So that we can change ideology and discuss about this.

Im just to speak freely in this DEMOCRACY country.

Inai Kiara Sdn Bhd

Inai Kiara Sdn Bhd- Doing cheated works and bribe people and also taking Malaysian People Money.
Evidences are ready to be given.

Inai Kiara incorporated in the year of 1997. They start expanding after
been given concession from the federal government through MOT (Ministry of Transport) in the year of 2002. The concession was secured through another company (IMW – Integrated Marine Works) where at that time the majority share was Seaport Terminal (Syed Mokhtar) 55% and Inai Kiara for 45%. Syed Mokhtar managed to secure this 15 years concession through his relationship with the Prime Minister at that time. Up to date, IMW already secured by Inai Kiara as they managed to kick out Seaport Terminal and at the same time Syed Mokhtar himself are not interested with IMW after sending and perpetrating Inai Kiara Finance department and found out some hanky panky stuff and mismanage within their (Inai Kiara) company.

The concession was for 15 years and was solely given to IMW for all federal ports in Malaysia. Listed below are some of the ports that are under the concession list. In this scenario, if there is other company want to do this of work so they cant. Because all the job are taken by Inai Kiara.

a) Major Federal Ports

Port Klang
Port of Tanjung Pelepas
Penang Port
Johor Port
Kuantan Port
Kemaman Port
Bintulu Port