Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cheating using software SWATH CONTROLLER (SQUAT)

Hi all. Here I got a new information about how Inai Kiara cheating and manipulate Hydrographic survey data. They had built their own in-house software, they called it SWATH CONTROLLER or SQUAT. I've heard that they develop this software so that they can do what their want in hydro survey. So that the RAW DATA that they collect with the representative had been mark-up to what their want to.

For this software to be working, they also had to modified their ECHOSOUNDER ( ODOM MK III ). I hope someone or somebody that is involve working with them will alert about this. This is because, when they do cheating actually their taking money from RAKYAT (people of malaysia).

And i also heard that their using a CRACKED (pirates) HYDROPRO SOFTWARE, TERRAMODEL from Trimble, AUTOCAD and many more. What a shame when such a big company do this.

Here i share a photo that i got from somewhere around. And i will try to find more info about it and how this thing works and share it here.